Why are not all physical therapists the same?

Posted by Dr Olga Kaltsou

With new regulations, the healthcare industry has changed so much. Now physical therapy offers many specializations. The change, however, does not mean all physical therapists are the same, nor do all clinics provide the same results. Most physical therapists who are in-network (those who accept insurance) are limited in their allowed visits and can only treat symptoms. They cannot work on prevention or education since insurance doesn't cover it. Most big-box clinics orient on profit, not the outcomes. Their therapists see up to 40 patients a week for 15-20 minutes, then pass them on to an assistant. It is their goal to have patients come as often as possible or as much as their insurance allows.

With me, things are very different. My clinic is out of network and accepting cash payments. This model allows me to provide premium physical therapy treatment. I see only 4-5 patients a day. This means that I can spend 60-90 minutes with each person! Not only gives me plenty of time to treat the patient, but it also allows me to learn more about you. Because of the fact that I accept cash payments from my patients, I am not driven by profit, but instead by the results of treatment. Wherever you are, I'd like to meet you there and get you to where you want to be.

As physical therapists, we are uniquely positioned to provide patients with individualized treatment through an understanding of the body's anatomy and physiology. We know pain science, we know neuroscience, we understand how the nervous system works, and we understand the connection between muscle-nerve-brain. Using our techniques, we can help without the use of medication, painful injections, or unnecessary surgery.

You need to find a physical therapist who spends time listening to you, who can gather multiple pieces of information about you for a better picture, who is determined to get to the root cause of your problem, and who is committed to getting you better as quickly as possible. If you get to a therapist who just throws an electrical stimulation or heating pad on you and gives you the same stretches, just run.

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