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Therapeutic Pilates is a form of exercise that works on muscle control rather than strength. The strength you gain in pilates will give you a sense of confidence while improving balance, posture, and body awareness in a small, instructor-led class setting.

Our small groups are welcoming and friendly, held in a calm and relaxing environment, and aim to provide personalized attention. We want you to enjoy exercising and get to know the other women in the classes.

Therapeutic Pilates is an excellent program for seniors looking to build flexibility, teens wanting to improve posture, and especially for pregnant and postpartum women. It’s also wonderful for anyone with back, neck or shoulder pain, pelvic or hip pain, post-surgery, postural and flexibility issues, and of course, general conditioning and toning.

Pregnant and postpartum women can have pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, constipation, organ prolapse, pain with sex, discomfort with tampons, inability to orgasm, and more. The best way to prevent any of these issues is to be proactive and start Therapeutic Pilates before pregnancy, to be in optimal shape when you do get pregnant.

Pre-pregnancy: Therapeutic Pilates strengthens your core, so practicing on a regular basis can improve posture, alleviate backaches, and help with labor and delivery.

Postpartum: Therapeutic Pilates is low impact so it is a great place to start exercising after you have given birth. The exercises aim to strengthen your deep muscles, improve your stability, encourage your pelvic floor and help you reconnect with your body after birth.

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When you come to Holistic PT and Pilates in Newton, MA, you will immediately feel welcome in our comfortable and intimate boutique space. To honor and respect your privacy our 1:1 evaluation and and treatments will be done in a private room by your practitioner.

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Does your body’s functionality match your life’s demands?
To help others, we often disconnect from ourselves. We ignore messages our bodies send us and wait too long to address pain and discomfort.
We help you become aware of your physical imbalances, get back in alignment, and live an optimal, pain-free life through physical therapy treatment and pilates.

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Back Injury

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Life requires movement
Life is also busy so you sometimes push through pain and discomfort to get things done. Whether you’re the CEO of a company or your household, if you ignore pain, you will be limited in how you function and get through your days. And you could end up with a very serious injury if you don’t take care of your body when it asks you to.

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